Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Wolfpack?

Wolfpack provides users with a unique way to meet other buddies around their area to hang out and get to know each other.

Is it a dating app?

No, it’s an app for meeting new people who have similar interests who have the purpose of becoming friends.

What’s the BUILD tab?

The Build Tab is where you can add users to your pack. It is made up of three sections:

  • Suggested Friends: People we think you might get along with based on similar interests.

  • People Who Like ______: This section is an aggregation of people who like any one of your particular interests. This could be people who like COFFEE, DANCING, GRILLING, or BASKETBALL; really any of the interests you selected when setting up!

  • Event Suggestions:Events we think you might be interested in attending based on your interests. This section contains the name of event, date, time, and an indicator of many interests that align with yours.

What’s the MY PACK tab?

The My Pack tab is where you can view all the different packs you have created or joined. Think of a "pack" as a "group." It is comprised of two things: All Pack Members and Pack List.

All Pack Members is a list of everyone you added to your pack.

The Pack List is a list of the smaller groups made up of your pack members. Think of this as a way to quickly reference your poker night buddies, your Vegas wingmen, or your bros you hung out with in college.

What’s the EVENTS tab?

The EVENTS tab is made up of two sections: All Events and My Events.

All Events is a comprehensive list of all the events in your area. It shows name, address, date, and number of members attending.

My Events is a section unique to you. It contains all of the events you are either going to, or that you have created.